About Brij

Hello! I am Brij Sethi. I want to be your online teacher – to help you Build and Share your Expertise.

Start Learning over Email and WhatsApp –

Please do introduce yourself to me – brij@dostexpertise.com.

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HR and Training Managers –

I can help your teams to Build and Share Expertise.

To Build Expertise as an Organization, you probably already –

  • Work with an identified pool of future experts. Nudging them, Nurturing them.
  • Have a curriculum and progression milestones in place and trust your pedagogic processes to deliver to the same.
  • Enable progress with appropriate Support Systems and by removing any immediate disablers.

I can help with all of these.

I can also help set up Action Learning programs that work on your actual challenges and opportunities, while using the same to Build Expertise.

As a CTO at HP, I had set up systems and enabled the workforce to file nearly 200 patents in one year, up from merely 5, the previous year.

At an individual level, I can – at a moment’s notice – conduct engaging training programs – both face to face and online – based on one or several of the Book Summaries, that you see on this site.

These touch on different aspects of Building and Sharing Expertise.

To Share Expertise, I believe that –

  • Listening and Asking Questions are essential low level skills.
  • Consulting Skills, spanning both problem and solution spaces are a great way to Share Expertise.
  • Digital content and its leverage on Social Media benefits greatly from good use of Stories and Visuals. It is an Expertise Multiplier.

I have deep transferable skills, in all these areas.

Thank you.